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And it’s a wrap… we survived 31st January intact!

So January is always a rather busy month in the wonderful world of tax accounting, and with our amazing tax manager Kathryn having left us on 1 January for maternity leave, it really could have been chaos!

But I’m delighted to say that this wasn’t the case 😅

Kathryn, Amanda and Olivia had put in so much great work in the last quarter of the year that we started January with only 105 returns left to complete.

And by 1pm on Friday 31st January the last of these had been submitted and the race was won for another year.

Olivia may be an amazing tax accountant, but she is still learning to accept our thanks and praise.

So it would be rude not to share the moment when we tried to present her with a bouquet of flowers from the fabulous Cheshire Flowers… not an easy moment to capture as you can see!!

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