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Furlough Fraud – act now

Furlough Fraud – time is running out for firms to disclose any incorrect furlough claims, even when these have been made accidentally.

The 90 day amnesty period for any claims made before 22 July 2020 comes to an end on Tuesday 20 August, and after that the Government say potential offenders will be subjected to a “gloves off” investigation by HMRC according to The Times correspondent James Hurley.

The government reckons that ca £3.5 billion may have been claimed fraudulently or paid out in error, and HMRC are actively following up on both tip offs and other potentially incorrect claims.

If you think you may have over claimed, or made a claim you shouldn’t have under the coronavirus job retention scheme, then now is the time to double check and put it right, before it’s too late!

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