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So long, farewell and thank you Tony!!

Many of you will know Tony as the quiet man of IN Accountancy. And that might well be so most of the time, but what you may not know is just how hot he is on the dancefloor.

Tony joined the IN Team when we bought the Harrison Newall practice in January 2014. He had worked for John Newall and John’s father before him at the same desk, in the same office building on the A6 in Stockport since the day after he left school some years ago.

Tony made no secret of the fact that he was intending to retire on his 65th Birthday in May 2021. I tried not to be offended that he has known exactly how many years, months and days he had left for at least the last year!!

Unfortunately for the Team at IN Accountancy, COVID has brought this date forward, as Tony has realised he will be really quite happy to retire and spend more time with his family (and perhaps the odd flutter or two!)

We had been planning to start Tony’s farewell celebrations last month with a team trip to the races, but needless to say this hasn’t been able to happen.

Tony has been such a big part of the IN Team since our foundation, and he will be sorely missed. Not one single day off sick, Tony was solid, reliable, trustworthy, tenacious, and incredibly adaptable. Imagine how things changed for him after 44 years in the same office, with the same people, then Andy and Sarah come along with all sorts of new fangled ideas. He embraced changes in software, team nights out (last man standing on every single occasion!), although he never, ever let go of that adding machine 😂

Tony’s last official working day is Friday 30th October, although goodness knows whether we will be allowed in the office at that point. We know you will all wish to join us in wishing him well for his retirement and thanking him for all his efforts and good grace over the years.

One day, when we are allowed, we will most certainly throw a bit of a bash for him, but for now it’s on ice. Which, for those of you wondering, he enjoys with his favourite tipple of Malibu and lemonade (yes, I know, you’d never have guessed that!!)

Tony congratulations and thank you – we will miss you more than you know!!

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