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When to register for VAT?

When should I register for VAT?

When to register for VAT should be a straightforward question, but there is a lot to consider. This short article and video both outline the key points you need to consider in making your decision

A business MUST register for VAT when its VATable turnover reaches £85,000 in any rolling 12 month period, but there are reasons why a business might CHOOSE to voluntarily register for VAT before then.

Here are the top seven things you should consider to help you decide:

  • ✅ If you already have VATable expenses (especially for services) which you wouldn’t be able to reclaim the VAT on without being registered
  • ✅ If you are really confident you will exceed the VAT registration threshold in the coming year, it can be easier to just register from the get go
  • ✅ If all of your clients or customers are already VAT registered, then it doesn’t matter to them that you are adding VAT to your invoices
  • ❌ But if you sell direct to consumer and are competing with other small businesses, then registering for VAT will either make you 20% more expensive than your competitors, or hit your margins really hard!
  • ✅ Some larger organisations like their suppliers to be VAT registered
  • ✅ It can make you look like a bigger, more established business if you are VAT registered
  • ✅ Some industries and supplies are exempt from VAT – you need to know what you are supplying and to whom in order to make an educated decision

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