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Gift aid donations and charity memberships are tax deductible

28th June 2018 | Written by In Accountancy | Categories : News
Gift aid donations and charity memberships are tax deductible

Gift aid donations and charity memberships are tax deductible!

Many higher rate taxpayers fail to reclaim tax relief on gift aid charitable donations and charity memberships. Here you will find out how easy it is to claim that tax relief.
In order to reclaim the tax a gift aid declaration form needs to be completed.

Gift Aid

Most charities actively encourage and help members or donors to complete the gift aid declaration. It is a way of them significantly boosting the value of membership and donations, by effectively getting an uplift from the government. The basic rate of income tax (20%) on the value of the contribution made by our membership fees or donations.

How to claim tax relief

For a higher rate tax payer you can claim back the rest of the tax that you have paid on charitable donations by including them on your self assessment form. Remember to keep a note of all those donations you make to your friends, family, work colleagues, and random strangers. It all adds up!

Charitable Memberships

Something that many people fail to realise is that there are a number of membership organisations, which are actually registered charities. Therefore you can claim tax relief on your annual (but not lifetime) memberships and regular entrance fees. These include the likes of: The National Trust, English Heritage, various Museums and even your birthday trips to the Zoo!