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Accountants for Sole Traders & Partnerships
We’ll suggest ways you can save money, so you’ll have more to invest in your business
Accountants for Sole Traders & Partnerships

Accountants for Sole Traders & Partnerships

We like to keep things simple.

As accountants based in Stockport, we understand local business. Keeping things simple gives you the time to run your business. We’ll send you a list of the information we need. Once we’ve received your paperwork, we’ll complete your accounts and make sure you’re claiming the right tax allowances. Even better, we’ll suggest other ways you can save money. So you’ll have more cash to invest in your business.

  • Preparing profit-and-loss accounts for the business based on the supplied information and explanations.
  • Preparing the business balance sheet, including reconciling bank accounts, loan accounts, fixed assets and other balance-sheet items.
  • Tax computation to include all relevant tax claims.
  • Completing and submitting your yearly self-assessment tax returns on time, including all expenses and relief claims.
  • Reminding you of payment and filing deadlines throughout the year.
  • Being available to you by phone or email all year round.

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