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Whether you’re setting up your first e-commerce business or you’re an established online retailer, becoming an Amazon FBA seller presents a huge opportunity to boost your sales. Learn more about how we, specialist accountants for Amazon sellers can help you!

There are many benefits to becoming an Amazon FBA seller. For new online sellers especially, the chance to reach millions of worldwide customers with minimal investment and the backing of one of the world’s biggest companies – reputationally and with shipping fulfilment, thanks to Fulfillment by Amazon (Amazon FBA) – can be invaluable.

Keeping track of your finances is essential when setting up as an Amazon seller. IN Accountancy offers expert accounting for Amazon FBA sellers, Seller Central support and e-commerce tax solutions to help you thrive. Book your free consultation call with our expert Amazon seller accountants today to find out how we can support you.

Our Accountants for Amazon sellers services

Here at IN Accountancy, we offer a wealth of e-commerce accounting services to support the growth and success of your Amazon FBA seller business. As experienced accountants for Amazon FBA accountants, we can offer the following solutions:

Accounting software integrations 

As a Xero Gold Champion Partner, we can help you to integrate cloud-based accounting software from Xero (or other popular platforms, like Quickbooks, Sage and FreeAgent) with your Amazon Seller Central account. This enables you to quickly reconcile Amazon FBA sales, manage your cash flow, and integrate time-saving stock inventory apps.

We also have a vast amount of expertise in automated e-commerce solutions, such as Dext Commerce, A2X, Shopify Plus and many other leading platforms and integrations.

E-commerce tax solutions

Another advantage of working with our experienced Amazon FBA accountants is that we can provide numerous e-commerce tax liabilities. We can ensure you remain compliant while minimising your tax liability as much as possible. Depending on whether you’re operating as a limited company, sole trader or partnership, we can help you file your annual accounts and Corporation Tax, VAT or Self-Assessment returns accurately and on time.  

Check out our Tax Guide For Amazon Sellers or please see our accountancy solutions tailored for Amazon sellers.

Here we also provide top tips for Amazon sellers to ensure their long-term success.

Financial management for Amazon FBA sellers

We also provide financial management for Amazon sellers. Our team has worked with countless Amazon FBA sellers and e-commerce businesses to improve their financial management processes. We can do the same for you, providing a holistic array of solutions to improve everything from your budgeting to financial control, forecasting and decision-making. Our expert Amazon seller accountants will effectively become an extension of your business. 

What does an Amazon FBA accountant do?

An Amazon FBA accountant provides all the usual accounting and bookkeeping services you would expect. However, our specialised Amazon FBA accountants also have in-depth knowledge and experience of the Amazon ecosystem and the unique challenges and opportunities it provides. Ultimately, our accountants for Amazon FBA sellers will help you to keep a close grasp of the numbers that matter to you, so that you can grow your business more efficiently.

How can IN Accountancy help me as an Amazon FBA seller?

We can help Amazon FBA sellers in countless ways. Whether you need support integrating cloud-based accounting software with your Seller Central account, tax planning advice, limited company incorporation, or assistance with filing Corporation Tax, VAT or Self-Assessment returns, our e-commerce accounting services are here to help. Contact us today to learn more


Experience counts for a lot in business. What sets us apart from other accountancy firms is that we have a proven track record of supporting Amazon FBA sellers and other e-commerce business owners to grow and succeed. We’ve got a deep understanding of what numbers, services and products Amazon FBA sellers need to thrive.

While it isn’t a requirement to have an Amazon seller accountant to become an Amazon FBA seller, it can be useful to have that extra layer of professional support and assistance. It depends on the complexity of your business and how much time and confidence you have to manage your accounting yourself. Good quality Amazon FBA accountants ultimately save businesses time and money, providing invaluable advice and support along the way.

Yes! Amazon enables you to give third-party users limited access to your Amazon Seller Central account. This is a particularly useful feature for Amazon FBA accountants like us because it means that we can collate the figures we need to manage your bookkeeping and other essential accounting functions as efficiently as possible.  

As a full-time Amazon FBA seller, you will typically need to pay income tax, and Class 2 and Class 4 National Insurance contributions. You will also need to be VAT-registered if your turnover exceeds £85,000 in any rolling 12-month period.

Check out our Tax Guide For Amazon Sellers for more details.


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