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Old photo of Deanprint when it was first established in 1890

Deanprint Ltd – Margin focus = cash flow and profit

The Business

Deanprint Limited have been printing and binding beautiful, unique books since 1890. Deanprint draws on its vast experience and expertise to meet any customer requirements, whether it’s high quality books, ringbinders or luxury menu covers.

The company have been based in their purpose-built, 50,000 sq ft. premises for just over 100 years – it offers a wide variety of services, from printing to storage and fulfilment. With over 110 pieces of machinery, state of the art devices and traditional machines, the company certainly adopts a ‘all-under-one-roof’ approach!

The Challenge

Deanprint have consistently exceeded the industry average for turnover and profit over the last 5 years. In fact, it recently had one of the highest gross profit and net profit figures in the entire industry.

Unfortunately, as a management team with a clear vision and plan, the Directors of Deanprint did not feel that they were receiving the proactive advice and support that they were looking for from their incumbent accountant.

There was little communication and a general lack of concern for the company’s wellbeing.

They felt they had to chase for work to be completed and for meetings to take place, waiting weeks and sometimes even months for a response, after which they would sometimes receive an unexpected invoice.

The Solution

Deanprint were nervous about moving accountants again, thinking that every firm they spoke to promised to be both proactive and responsive, but that in their experience none had delivered on this promise.

After due consideration and having seen evidence that IN Accountancy was indeed a firm that did what we say we will do, they chose to move to us for their monthly management information and year end accounts and tax work.

The Results

Deanprint have found our efficiency invaluable. They don’t have to chase us to get the job done, and enjoy feeling that they are looked after by a genuinely caring team who are always quick to respond with regular follow-ups.

‘Excellent and prompt tax advice’, ‘proactive guidance’, and a ‘bloody good coffee!’

You can find Deanprint’s website below:

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