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Freelancers and contractors are usually responsible for their own tax, national insurance payments and financial account management, which can make their position more complex than that of a worker “on the payroll”. As a result, professionals of this kind often benefit significantly from expert accountants for freelancers for assistance and support of financial advisers – such as the team at IN-Accountancy.


Being self-employed – particularly as a freelancer – comes with a range of perks, including flexibility and the freedom to set one’s own rates and working hours. However, it does require a greater level of financial planning and management – and, without significant knowledge of the Self-Assessment process, individuals who work in this way may find themselves missing key deadlines, overpaying or missing out on tax relief or benefits.

Careful financial management requires time and mental investment beyond the day-to-day activities of a freelancer, contractor or consultant. A good accountant can help to remove that pressure and help self-employed people to get the most out of their money. Book your free consultation call with IN Accountancy’s accountants for freelancers today to find out more.

Our accountants for freelancers

The financial specialists at IN-Accountancy are able to provide comprehensive support and advice to self-employed workers in any field. Our team members have significant experience working as accountants for coaches, contractors, freelancers, consultants and more besides. 

Read on to learn a little more about the work we do and the difference it can make to your finances, time management and peace of mind.

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How can an experienced accountant benefit a freelancer?

Because self-employed workers are required to manage their own tax and National Insurance responsibilities, they must regularly allocate time and attention to researching their tax obligations, maintaining accounts and records, calculating potential liabilities and filing returns.

This can be a challenge – particularly to professionals who must also perform regular outreach to attract new clients.

Saving you time, effort and money

For a freelancer or contractor, any time spent managing their accounts, keeping track of finances, researching deductible expenses and filling out tax returns is time that could have otherwise been used to seek out and undertake paid work.

A good freelancer accountant can take charge of these activities on your, ensuring that tax returns are filed accurately and on time while applying all available tax deductions and opportunities to reduce liability as far as possible.

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What is included in IN-Accountancy accountants for freelancers/contractors service?

Our accountants for consultants, freelancers, coaches and contractors are able to manage and maintain accounts, balance sheets and records of profit and loss on behalf of our clients. We can also complete and file self-assessment tax returns punctually, carefully managing all deductibles and relevant reliefs.

Add in bookkeeping as a service, also we provide management information to enable freelancers etc to better understand their business’ performance / strengths / areas to be addressed and make better business decisions. We provide real-time practice guidance about what to put aside for business/personal/sales taxes as well as how to most tax effectively draw income from your business and invest in your future 

What’s more, we’ll remind you of key financial deadlines and help you with any changes – such as incorporating your organisation or registering for VAT. All of this is available for a competitive fixed-fee – and our team will be available to provide you with support and advice at any time.

How can I arrange for assistance with my accounts and tax?

If you are a consultant, coach, freelancer or contractor who wishes to save time and money, you can arrange a free consultation with the financial specialists at IN-Accountancy today.

Simply get in touch with us to arrange a conversation via phone or video call, or face-to-face. We’ll listen to your requirements and further explain the support we are able to provide.


Contractors and freelancers may be registered as sole traders or limited companies. Both are responsible for their own tax and National Insurance contributions, while an employer usually deducts these payments directly from the salary of an employed worker who is “on the books”.

However, contractors usually work for one client at a time, while freelancers serve a number of different clients at once. As a result, freelancers tend to retain more control of their working hours and the prioritisation of projects, while contractors often work in response to the requirements of the organisation that has hired them.

Following our launch way back in 2012, IN-Accountancy’s financial specialists have been providing proactive accountancy services to freelancers and contractors across industries.

We have a strong track record of support and advice based on a detailed and up-to-date understanding of the financial duties and requirements affecting self-employed individuals.

Our freelance, contracter and consultancy clients span a range of sectors, including software development and IT, digital marketing, design, creative, medical and healthcare, construction, manufacturing, professional services, retail and eCommerce.

All of our clients fall outside IR35 – which means they are off-payroll workers who work independently and manage their own time and workload.


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