Pricing your services – a guide for freelancers, coaches, consultants and contractors

Pricing for freelancers

💷 How on earth do I price my services??

⁉ This is a question we are frequently asked, most recently from a relatively newly set up marketing consultant…

🎯 So if you are self employed, in professional services or a freelancers, coach, consultant or contractors, here are some top tips for you to think about when setting your pricing:

✅ Know your worth…

  • research industry standards and factor in your own experience and expertise – remember people are buying all your years of effort, not just the time taken to do the job!!

✅ Consider your costs…

  • not just your salary and expenses – remember you need to cover holidays, illness, pension contributions, and of course your accountancy fees and any tax liability 😜

✅ Test, measure, adjust, evolve…

  • it’s not just a one time thing – it’s your price and you can adjust according to the specific client or job – factor in a PITA fee if necessary – don’t be scared to revise your rates!!

✅ Pretend your selling someone else’s services…

  • personally I find it much more difficult to put a value on my worth than I do on others (more on that another time maybe)… so it’s often easier to think about the value others offer… (I know, it’s a me problem 🙄🙄)

What other strategies have you used for setting your prices??

Anything been particularly successful??

I once knew a business owner who inadvertently doubled their prices instead of discounting to try to get rid of a slow moving product… and guess what?

Yep, it sold out!!

Fill in the blank… Cheap and __________ (I’ll give you a clue… it’s spelt like tasty, but rhymes with pasty 🤣🤔)

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