An IN-terview with Brazil Street

Brazil Street

Going for growth in advertising and media buying. Brazil Street have more than tripled in size in the last 12 months, but their hard work doesn’t stop there!

With the amount of success they have already achieved, it’s hard to believe Brazil Street only started trading in 2015.

Put together by Chris Brown and Peter Greenhalgh, Brazil Street is a young, fast-growing advertising agency who are guaranteed to help your business grow. They plan and buy advertising campaigns for their clients that deliver a direct return on investment and are proud to say that their clients judge them on their results.

Having both previously worked as Senior Account Directors at a large advertising agency in Manchester, Chris and Peter set up the agency to be more than just a supplier or media buyer, they believe in a true partnership between client and agency.

Brazil Street

Speaking with Peter he explained to us what their biggest accomplishment has been to date. “The new clients that we have managed to attract. The agency has grown rapidly and far quicker than we ever imagined it might. Last year we won four significant new clients, the most recent being Shearings Holidays, who are one of the largest travel businesses in the UK.”

Brazil Street have many things to be proud of but their relationships with their clients take pride of place. “Our clients love that we genuinely care about the results of their advertising and the success of their business. We work collaboratively with our clients. We understand their business and achieve success by working closely with them.” 

Great success though does come with challenges. Peter admitted that consistently over-delivering on the level of service and expertise that they promise their clients is a challenge. This involves a lot of hard work, attention to detail and proactivity.

Looking back, Peter admitted that he wished he had set up the agency sooner. He explained: “It was a big risk – Chris and I had senior roles, and were well-respected, at a large agency before we set up Brazil Street. However, we have never looked back. As agency owners we work with a far greater incentive – nothing matters more to us than the success of Brazil Street.”

In just three years Brazil Street have grown their business and provided an excellent service to all their clients who trust them when it comes to their advertising strategies. In the next 12 months they wish to continue just that but with hope of adding a few more new clients and team members.

Looking ahead, Peter ended the interview with a perfect quote to describe the moral at Brazil Street. “We enjoy what we do, so hopefully in 12 months’ time everyone is still working with a smile on their face.”

Brazill Street

If you would like to learn bout more of our clients, you can find our other interviews here.

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