An IN-terview with Chelsea Shoesmith Photography

Chelsea Shoesmith Photography

From photographing royalty to taking on the seven summits there’s not a lot that Chelsea Shoesmith won’t get stuck into!

Chelsea Shoesmith is a woman of many talents, from baking to climbing to Everest Base Camp. And then there’s her day job of running her own photography business!

After shooting her first wedding almost 10 years, it wasn’t until 2015 that she became a full time photographer. Specialising in weddings, portraits and food, Chelsea personally looks after each client from the first inquiry to the delivery of their photographs.

When asked what has been your biggest challenge when running a business Chelsea said: “When I first decided I wanted to be a photographer I had imagined my skill set would extend to photography only, I was 17 and naive. The challenges have been learning that I don’t just need to be a photographer. I need to be a marketer, bookkeeper, blogger, an editor and much more to ensure every part of my business works.”

Having become a full time photographer only 3 years ago Chelsea already has a number of accomplishments under her belt. From photographing Olympic cyclist Joanna Rowsell’s wedding which was featured in Hello and OK magazine to capturing people’s special days abroad. Chelsea feels privileged to be asked to fly out to somewhere new in order to be a part of and shoot someone’s wedding. Another great opportunity which Chelsea is incredibly excited to be taking part in is having recently been asked to photograph Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall and Prince Phillip!

Chelsea’s time and dedication for her work is shown in the comments that she receives from her clients. She has been informed on many occasions that she ensures everything is done properly and makes the photographed occasion so easy, while working well with the clients in order to achieve their visions.

We asked Chelsea to look back and think about what she would have told her younger self with regards to what she’s learnt so far in the business world. “I would have told myself to charge more. I charged peanuts and because of that it’s taken a long time to get where I am today. I am very glad I started at such a young age though as I think it would be much harder to have the flexibility to try and start a business now.”

The next 12 months promise to be successful ones for Chelsea Shoesmith Photography. 2018 will see her flying abroad to shoot even more weddings alongside working at some new venues which she has dreamt of shooting for years. Alongside her business, Chelsea is also very passionate and dedicated to getting out there and living her life to the fullest! Chelsea’s next adventures include partaking in her first ever triathlon of an olympic length and she will also be taking on the mighty Kilimanjaro!

After viewing her beautiful work we asked Chelsea to photograph our 5th birthday party in February and we’re sure you will agree that she did an amazing job.

It is clear to see why Chelsea’s business continues to grow year on year. With her passion, dedication and determination it’s easy to see that her success will long continue.

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