An IN-terview with Disability Opportunities in Sport UK CIC

Disability Opportunities in Sport UK CIC

Jacob Meaton is aiming high to bring sporting opportunities to people in Derbyshire and Manchester.

Over three years ago Jacob Meaton, a keen disability sport coach, started volunteering with people who have learning disabilities by providing them with sporting and physical activity opportunities.

Now he is the Company Director of Disability Opportunities in Sport UK (DOSport UK) CIC. Based in Glossop, they deliver weekly Basketball and Boccia sessions across Derbyshire and Manchester with a big focus area of developing learning disability basketball networks for people with learning disabilities.

DOSportUK currently deliver four learning disability specific basketball sessions and have over 60 people playing basketball regularly at their weekly sessions. They have also worked closely with Special Olympics GB to hold local and national competitions.


The company has been running for 20 months now, however it was only in August 2017 that they became CIC (community interest company) officially. In these 20 months they have had many great achievements, including hosting the first DOSportUK Learning Disability Basketball Development Event in Manchester.

Jacob said: “The event was held at the National Basketball Performance Centre which had over 75 players attend from all over the country and we were also able to bring all three Manchester based mainstream basketball teams in to work together on the day. We also have since had a coach and women’s player who have been selected to take part in the Special Olympics World Games in Abu Dhabi next year!”

It hasn’t all however been plain sailing, and they have faced many challenges as Jacob has had no real prior business experience. DOSportUK are doing some great work on the ground but need to also focus on the foundations behind the scenes to continue their amazing work.

DOSportUK are very proud of the way they work. They set out to be a fun, inclusive organisation who are building relationships far and wide and getting some great feedback along their journey.

When we asked Jacob to look back and share with us what he would have told his younger self he said this: “I would have told myself to slow down. We have too much going on at times and not enough man power to do it all.”

Going forward DOSportUK are hoping to find some core funding which will allow them to live and plan for the future, rather than just month to month.

If you would like more information on Disability Opportunities in Sport UK CIC, please visit their website.

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