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Taylor Blake

An IN-terview with Taylor Blake

Meet your feet’s new best friend, Taylor Blake!

With 18 years of experience behind her it’s clear to see that Emily Blake knows what she’s doing when it comes to footwear design.


After trading from the Far East and experiencing first-hand the frantic life, Emily was keen to work closer to home with smaller European family inherited factories. This transition meant she could work with beautiful materials and provide high quality workmanship to create something special. With this vision in mind Taylor Blake was launched in June 2015.


As a fairly new business Taylor Blake, like many others, have had some challenges along the way. Emily explained these to us: “It is incredibly difficult to work against the high street and the huge marketing budgets that they have in place. It is a constant worry, but I have refused to cut corners on quality as I truly want to create a product that I am proud of, and that my customers will absolutely love!”

However, Emily’s hard work has clearly paid off for her. Last year she reached the finals for Designer of the Year at the Footwear Awards. Emily said: “It was a great honour just to be nominated as I was in a category against some well established large brands. To reach the final five was an incredible achievement for myself.”

Award Finalist

While being nominated for awards, Emily is also incredibly proud of the work she produces and how her shoes make her customers feel. “I love making people love their feet! It’s simple – I love that my shoes brighten up someone’s day. I hear from my customers all the time when they post on social media or write on my website reviews, I have yet to receive below 5 stars! That really is the best part of my job!”

When looking back Emily explains that there is one thing in particular that she would tell her younger self. “Be prepared to learn absolutely everything you can. Sponge up as much information as you can! My day to day job varies so much. Because I work for myself and by myself, my job is as diverse as designing shoes; working on marketing campaigns; talking to press and bloggers; packing and posting shoes and stock checking. Every single aspect of the company is my responsibility and whilst sometimes it can be overwhelming I’m amazed at how quickly I have learnt and am still learning new skills.”


The future is very bright for Taylor Blake as Emily works on a new range for Spring/Summer 2019. As the brand is still in its early years they still have some introducing to do to new consumers both locally and throughout Europe.

With original designs and great attention to detail we’re sure there will be many more women dressing their feet with Taylor Blake designs.

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