Children in Need

Last month was Children in Need and we wanted to get involved in the fundraising!

You maybe aware that we already support Francis House Children’s Hospice and donate to them on a monthly basis.

However, as it was Children in Need last month the office wanted to get involved in the fundraising so we took part in a number of activities to help raise money for this great cause.

Duck Race

As we are only a small team we arranged for our fundraiser to take part on the Tuesday after the big event when everyone was going to be in the office. To make the most of our fundraising Georgia travelled around some of the local offices to take donations for the Duck Race which Children in Need were showing live on their Facebook page. A bottle of fizz was up for grabs and the winner was Lex over at PAL Hire!

IN Office Bake Off!

The Tuesday saw the team get very competitive as we took part in the IN Office bake off! From red velvet cake to crème brulee there was a lot of offer and it all went down incredibly well! We did however have enough cake to keep us going for a week!

A big thank you to the everyone who baked and donated. You helped us to raise £104.59!

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