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New for 2017/18 – The updated and enhanced IN Accountancy TaxApp

With more than 1,900 downloads Stockport accountants IN Accountancy’s TaxApp is one of the most popular and widely used apps of its kind.  As it continues to grow in popularity we have recently launched a new enhanced design with even more handy tools, calculators and up to date information available.

New features include:

My Mileage

Sick of writing your business mileage down on scraps of paper, or trying to remember to update a spread sheet each month?

My Mileage is a quick and simple way for you to keep track of all your business mileage ensuring you claim the right amount of associated tax relief. With our step by step guide you’ll be able to store all your journeys information in a few seconds and review journeys which are all logged in one place.

My Expenses

Fed up with all those receipts cluttering up your purse/wallet/handbag/glove box?

My expenses allows you to log and categorise all your expenses. Under create expenses you’re able to submit the date, amount and category of each expense alongside a photo of your receipt so you can finally get rid of all those unnecessary bits of paper. Similar to the My Mileage section you can review your expenses all together and keep track of what you’re owed.

Tax Calculators

Here you can find all the tax related calculators you will ever need.

With this section of the app you can keep track of everything from Mortgage repayments, Income Tax and National Insurance, Dividends to Corporation tax. Not only can you work out how much you’ll owe this year, but you can also compare it to last years rates and see how much better (or worse) off you may be.

Not got the TaxApp yet? Download it for free now!!

Using the latest technology, our TaxApp has been developed with you in mind to provide useful tax tools and information via your mobile device. The App features:

• Practical tax tips covering the family, businesses, selling assets and tax efficient savings.
• A range of useful tax calculators
• Key tax rates tables with explanatory notes
• Regular news updates to keep you updated on topics that matter to your business.

If you need any further information please give us a call on 0161 4569666 or drop us a line at askus@in-accountancy.co.uk

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