Stockport Accountants IN Accountancy launch SUBS Networking & Learning Event

Stockport Accountants

Stockport Accountants IN Accountancy are excited to announce their partnership with SUBS Business Events, launching Stockport SUBS Networking & Learning Event on Friday 31st January 2020.

This first Stockport SUBS event will be hosted by Stockport accountants IN Accountancy at Gorvins Solicitors in central Stockport, who will very generously be providing not only the venue, but also refreshments for all our attendees.

Sarah Harkness, Managing Director of Stockport accountants IN Accountancy said; “I have been wanting to set up a business networking and learning event for some time now. A big part of our values here at IN Accountancy are about caring and helping businesses and business owners succeed. It can be a lonely place when you run your own business, and so we wanted to establish a safe environment, with a group of like minded people who can all support one another and others to succeed in business. I also love connecting people and seeing what transpires from these new relationships. When I discovered SUBS it seemed like the perfect fit. I’m really excited to build this business community in Stockport!”

SUBS was launched by local Altrincham businessman David Bellin in 2014 with 12 Business Partners who were passionate about helping small and start-up businesses. 

As the organisation grew and events gained momentum, the focus has changed to supporting and connecting all local businesses within a community, not just small and start up businesses.

SUBS Wilmslow launched in mid 2019 and David Bellin had this to say about the upcoming Stockport; “I’m really excited about the launch of Stockport SUBS. Stockport is a thriving business community and it strikes me that it is in a similar position to Altrincham a few years ago, with plenty of investment into housing, business and infrastructure happening. Plus, with Stockport accountants IN Accountancy and Sarah Harkness at the helm, it really is a recipe for SUCCESS! “

SUBS Stockport

So what exactly is SUBS?

At SUBS, we understand that growing your business is challenging.  That’s why we hand-pick local SUBS Business Partners to support you on your journey.  You’ll benefit from their expertise at our business presentations, workshops and panel discussions with actionable advice and takeaway tips to help your business grow. And, when your business needs support from specialist service providers, our partners are on hand to help.

Our local SUBS Partners are carefully selected for their expertise, warmth and friendliness.  Whether you need a social media guru, support with finance, human resources or something else, we can put you in touch with a quality service provider.

We also hold networking and social events where you’ll develop lasting relationships with other local business owners and beyond.

It costs nothing to join and there are no hidden fees because our events are fully funded by the SUBS local partners.  You’ll leave every meeting with new contacts, fresh opportunities and knowledge to help your business succeed.

And by being part of your local SUBS Team, you’ll be helping your local business community to thrive.

When and where is the first event taking place?

This first event will be held from 8:00 to 10:00 am on Friday 31st January 2020 at Gorvins Solicitors on the 6th floor of Dale House, Tiviot Dale, Stockport SK1 1TA.

What’s the format for the launch event?

It’s an 8:00 am start for informal networking and refreshments, with presentations starting from 8:20 am and some more informal networking as well as any questions before we officially close at 10:00 am.

As this is the first event, it will be part Networking and Learning, with a theme of 2020 Vision – The Roaring 20’s (How to set your business up for success this year and beyond). It will also be part Discovery Day for those who are interesting in finding out more about how they can get involved in SUBS Stockport as a Business Partner. Sarah Harkness from IN Accountancy will be presenting the former, and David Bellin from SUBS HQ the latter.

If you would like more information, or to book onto the launch event on 31st January 2020, you can contact Stockport accountants IN Accountancy via their website, or you can register your free account and book your place directly via the SUBS Events Page

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