A taxing time – don’t leave it until the last minute!

It’s a time of early morning mists, back to school traffic and more importantly time you sent in your records and receipts to us so we can do your tax return!

It’s a taxing time as the team here is busy working away to make sure that all the returns are done on time for the 31 January 2017 deadline.

To meet that deadline we need your information by 31 October 2017 so we can guarantee that everything will be sorted in time for the January deadline. We have 600 returns to complete and it won’t be possible to do this if they all come in December!!

The good news is that we have 42% of our total returns completed already. If yours is not one of them we are very much looking forward to receiving your information in the next few weeks….

Know your tax liability sooner not later

Of course, the main advantage of not leaving it to the last minute isn’t to help us out. It is because once your return has been filed, you will know how much tax you have to pay and you can build this into your budgeting.

The first step – getting started

The first step is to gather your invoices, bank statements, pay slips, and bills. If you’re not sure about what you need to send please ring us so we can help you rather than delaying getting started.

Planning ahead for next year

If you’ve spent hours hunting for essential paperwork, fretting about long forgotten savings accounts or worrying how you are actually going to pay the final bill, why not take steps now to avoid the same stress next year.

Create a spreadsheet to detail your income and expenses and update it weekly or monthly. Keep files full of bank statements, bills and important forms so you can find them easily. Finally, open a ‘tax piggy bank account’ specifically for your taxes and regularly deposit a portion of your income so you’ll have enough money to pay your tax bill.

Now relax – we’re the experts

Once you’ve sent us the paperwork, we can sift through and make sure nothing has been missed. Now you can relax knowing your taxes are in the hands of an expert.

You could even have a nice surprise and find out that you pay less tax than you saved in your ‘tax piggy bank account’. Anything left over after you pay your bill next year can be used for a treat… and mine’s a large gin & tonic.

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