Responsive, friendly, knowledgeable, professional, reliable – client survey feedback

clilent survey feedback

Responsive, friendly, knowledgeable, professional, reliable – client survey feedback

A couple of months back we sent out our annual client survey. We had a great response and are delighted to know that you consider us to be responsive, friendly, knowledgeable, professional, reliable and efficient and are happy with the service we deliver.

As you all know, for every survey which was completed we offered to donate £5 to Francis House Children’s Hospice or a charity of your choice. We can now confirm that a donation of £145 to Francis House and £5 to the British Heart Foundation have been made.

So… what did we learn?

We are absolutely delighted that 100% of respondents said that they were both happy with the service provided by the IN Team and would be happy to refer friends, colleagues and family to us– great news!  As great believers in the power of word of mouth referrals we are pleased to recognise that the vast proportion of our growth in recent years has come from happy clients recommending us. For those of you who may not be aware, while we firmly believe that doing a great job should be reason enough to recommend us, we do also reward these referrals by making a donation to Francis House Children’s Hospice on your behalf for every contact referred by you who engages our services.


When asked what they liked about doing business with us, or what they might say to someone considering using our services, almost all respondents had something to say. While comments were wide ranging there were one or two themes which we have picked upon.  I have selected just a few of the comments below which I feel capture these well.

  • Excellent all round service. Great advice & guidance is always quickly provided when required.

  • Very personal service and the extensive knowledge across the team is very reassuring and helpful

  • Friendly, efficient, reliable and good value.

  • Friendly and approachable service, no question or issue is too small to get help with at any time.

  • Quick phone responses very helpful

  • You make everything very simple and clear, and you are always contactable and reply to emails very quickly, it’s completely stress free!

  • Very personable team that deliver a very good service.

  • Straightforward pricing.  Approachable and available. Newsletters a good way of keeping clients updated and presented in a ‘plain English’ format

  • Helpful, Knowledgeable and Human.

  • Great team of people, very professional but approachable.


Friendly, approachable, prompt, responsive, simple, jargon free – this is exactly what we strive to be as a firm, on top of what we think every firm of accountants should be, which is knowledgeable and good at their jobs. So I am delighted that this culture is shining through – well done team!  I also note that some of you did say ‘mainly’ and ‘mostly’ in your positive feedback, and we will continue to aim for improvement and consistency in our approach.


We also asked if there was anything more that we could do for you which we aren’t already doing, and we have had a few suggestions here too. We have made sure to follow up with all of those who left contact details, and have also communicated this feedback with the wider team – some really good points – thank you. If for any reason you think you should have received a call or follow up contact but haven’t, please do let us know. And, good as we are, I’m afraid I can’t provide the EuroMillions lottery numbers each week!!


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